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We are a small family run business based in Glasgow, Scotland.










Colin and I have always loved glass, Colin has spent 30 years in the glass industry making stained glass and double glazed windows and doors.


I founded Highland Glass in 2008 as a hobby which quickly turned into being a full time roll due to an accident in a job I had.  I have a condition that affects my mobility which also includes osteoarthritis of the spine.  Because of this Highland Glass became our life line... We work to stay strong and do what we love and forget the troubles and pain.


We moved to Glasgow from the Western Highlands in 2014 for my benefit, and from there we moved into our Temple Road Studio.


I believe that our work is more than just providing art or windows and doors its the buzz from giving customers the best service!


Our business is what it is today, so far without any investment from grants or business loans but from hard work and word of mouth from happy customers.


We want you to love what we make or fix and will often spend more time than is charged for and quote prices that we believe are very competitive because  we appreciate the opportunity to work in a job that we love and helps us to manage my condition still with pride.


Thank you for getting to know about us, please enjoy looking around our website and you are more than welcome coming to see us at our studio!


Gail & Colin x



There are many fascinating features with glass and we love to test every idea to its maximum potential. Our main aim is to eventually be working solely from Recycled Glass, although a type of glass "Bullseye" is a very attractive glass when fused and looks stunning when making jewellery & on occasion when making or repairing stained glass or leaded windows we have to purchase specific types and colours that prevent us using recycled products, from this we make sure that we have minimum waste after each job.


 We make commissions, with fused and stained glass and also do stained glass restorations. We have recently added another service to our company which is providing "A rated" UPVC windows and doors and also Composite doors. We can even encapsulate a unique fused glass or stained glass design within double glazed windows allowing a superior design with more security and energy efficiency.


Please feel free to browse our shop for products we have currently made, and if you would like to know more about having something custom made just for you, or to enquire further regarding doors and windows, then why not send us an email?